Japanese Designer Furniture

Japanese design ideas in furniture are world-renowned for their style and ambience. There is something uniquely beautiful about fine furniture inspired by Japanese flooring culture and ethos. Clean lines and elegant finishes are synonymous with Nippon style furniture. Some contemporary Japanese designers have created pieces that are like Haikus in form and function for the furniture world. Simplicity meets a stylishness enriched by a deep understanding of the history and culture of Japan. Names like Daisaku Choh, Masayuki Kurokawa, and Masanori Umeda are thrilling those who appreciate the cutting edge in design.

The Zen Influence on Japanese Furniture

The Zen philosophy influences much of the more well-known Japanese furniture design ethos. Spare lines and uncluttered structures are the ideal elements within this approach to crafting exquisite furniture. The designs of the great Japanese designers are copied all around the world by furniture makers. This is not mere plagiarism but, in many ways, an ode to the greatness of these designs. In this way principles of design in the form are shared with millions of people around the globe. A Zen flavour can make ripples around the world, showing up in homes and commercial establishments everywhere.

The Global Impact of Japan on Furniture Making

Peruse this site for some fine examples of Japanese design influenced furniture made by Australian craftspeople. Furniture makers across the globe are continuing these traditions for the benefit of people everywhere. The Japanese have a great affinity with timber, as historically, much of their construction was made from this material on their islands. Wood speaks to the soul, they say, and this is particularly true of the Japanese soul. The lightness of objects manufactured from timber and the lacquered finishes created to imbue them with a textural richness are essential qualities in this equation. The impermanence of housing structures in Japan says a great deal about their culture and history.

Zen Influenced Peace & Tranquillity

You can bring some Zen influenced peace and tranquillity into your home via beautiful Japanese style furniture. We are all affected by the things around us, within our sphere of domesticity, especially. In our homes our guards are down, and we are not worried about protecting ourselves. We want things around us that we find pleasing and harmonious. Beautiful wooden furniture is both visually soothing and tactile. The lines inherent within form make a visual statement upon our consciousnesses. Japanese designer furniture sings along these lines, which is why it has made such a strong impression upon global tastes.