Big in Japan. A song, a band, an attitude. The 80’s song almost sums up why movie makers love Japan. Everything here is huge, ginormous! Quite like Godzilla. Unlike Godzilla though, Japan is pretty polished. It is the perfect union of the old and new world. With the cherry blossom season, it is a very picturesque place to dwell in the amazingness of the world. This is just a few reasons why movie makers love Japan. It is not limited to these though.

Japan is a country like no other. Their cities boast of technology and wonders of innovation.  Skyscrapers, vending machine and The Bullet train! Even the restrooms (heated toilet seats!) will make you exclaim “Oh, wow!”. And the colours! Talk about fashion! Talk about real life anime. They are simply so colourful and bold Japan is the country where dressing up in costumes is normal. These alone are enough reasons why movie makers love Japan.

And just like in those infomercials, but wait, there’s more! Have you been to the country? With their temples, extremely polite people, waterfalls and the awe inspiring Mt. Fuji. It is simply nature at its best! Japan is one of those places where the latest of technology and centuries old tradition can not only co-exist but both are celebrated. And unlike other cultures where the younger generation is bent on obliterating past traditions, the Japanese people help each other, young and old.  They are very polite and encourage each other knowing full well that the new generation will usher in the natural cycle of life. 


The stimulus and inspiration that Japan gives to filmmakers is varied and very valuable. Japan, with their roots so deep while their new generations branches stretches so far up, that anything is possible. Some magic happens when one cannot physically be in Japan to film, that is where the green screen comes in. And one can enjoy in the clean and scenic wonder that is Japan. I’m hungry, let’s grab some sushi. 

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