Food in Japan is the glue that binds everything together. Members of its society eat together to maintain their relationships and to socialise. It is no surprise then to find the Japanese cuisine as one of the most recognised and distinguished of its kind. Sushi has travelled the globe and made friends with palates everywhere. Rice is at the centre of the Japanese food galaxy. The fermented realm is big in Japan, as well, with miso and soy sauce leading the way. Japanese food is like no other in its particular expression of these key elements. The place of food in Japanese culture is a large part of the Japanese identity.

Food & the Japanese Identity

It is not only how food tastes but the ritual of eating that is, also, distinctively unique in Japan. The sharing of food in Japan is an expression of who they are as human beings. The place of food in Japanese culture is pre-eminent, to say the least. The special tableware and utensils used are specific to Japan. The ambience of a meal in Japan is exclusive to their culture. How the food is presented is, again, a distinctive Japanese art form. We, in the west, are fortunate that examples of this wonderful cuisine have been exported to our cities.

The Kitchen & Japanese Food Preparation

The kitchen, then, becomes an important cog in the wheel in regard to how this special food is produced at home and in commercial establishments. Peruse this site for examples of fine kitchens suitable for the creation of Japanese fare. Plenty of bench space is essential for the hands-on style of Japanese food preparation. One needs to love the art of cooking, to really embrace the Japanese cuisine at home. Spacious refrigeration facilities are recommended for this type of food prep, as well. To master Japanese cooking requires patience and getting inside the whole mind set of Japanese cuisine.

Rice Represents Purity in Japan

Rice is a perfect example of how food interlinks all aspects of Japanese culture and society. Rice represents purity, and is a living foodstuff grown by farmers, who have an important place in the overall scheme of things. Rice is grown in Japan and its qualities are greatly appreciated and valued. It is a part of the soul of the nation. Everything is done in a particular way for a specific reason, when it comes to understanding the place of food in Japanese culture.

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