The world of movies and make believe is one that will never quite go old no matter what age. What sticks the most, though, is animation since we have been watching that at a very young age. From the fairy tale books we read with the colourful pictures and our own imagination taking flight to the Disney films with pure magic and adventure, animation has captured our hearts and our awareness.

Japan, it could be said is the animation capital of the world. Anime has gained fame in recent years from its humble beginnings of drawing and cut-out animation of Japanese Anime. Manga films even then were considered high quality but production costs were just too steep and as a struggling enterprise dominated by Disney, it had little to no chance of gaining a foothold then.


Manga is actually part of the nerd culture called *otaku* found to be dating centuries back.  A series of drawings in a picture book, the techniques and concept are adopted by many artists today. The first successful collection of manga is Astro Boy which was published in newspapers and magazines weekly.

Today’s technology has evolved so much from the hand drawn art to attempts to make your own animation using green screen and green screen effects. This will encourage kids to not only watch anime but to actually create one themselves. They would need a script, perhaps a passable drawing with good expressions, make templates and add music or voice-over and an animation software.  

No matter the age of the child, this will be a good bonding activity to collaborate in. A little research and some interest in animation and it could open up doors to actively doing to passively watching animation from cell phones or gadgets. The benefits of bonding are well-documented and if it is something they truly want to learn, then that’s even better.

You may be witnessing the birth of a new era in animation.

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