How pretty are those cherry blossom! Every girl who plays house once they see those pink cherry blossoms would associate it with a dreamy escapade. And there is nothing more dreamy than their own wedding. Even not so girly ones. There is just something slightly unreal in walking down the aisle in pink flowers surrounded by nature’s own colours. Celebrating their own dream Japanese wedding ideas.

Traditional Japanese weddings though, are held Shinto style in a shrine. Having two ceremonies, one Shinto and one Christian, is getting to be a thing in Japan. The bride’s white silk kimono alone can break the bank. It’s best to be practical to add just touches of Japanese inspiration instead of going the full on programme. 

Is it going to be indoors or outdoors? Japanese gardens with gazebos or serene koi ponds can be the perfect venue. Add some bamboos, pink foliage to imitate or coordinate with cherry blossoms and it’s all set! 

Origami plays a role in the Japanese lore ‘sembazuru’. A happy marriage awaits the bride who folds a thousand Origami Cranes before her wedding day. The bride’s makeup must match the crane; soft, elegant and a symbol of happiness. The crane can be used in wedding invitations, a flock of cranes can be a backdrop, use paper crane curtains for whimsy or tablecloth for the reception. A lotus origami candle holder or a bigger crane origami the center piece. 


The wedding reception is somewhere you can go all out on the Japanese theme. Your wedding cake can mimic the overall feel of the japanese gardens or a Japanese tower or sakura feel of whites and pinks. Sushi and sashimi can be served with other Japanese food together with the more non-Japanese fare for your non-adventurous guests.

Factor in some parasols, paper lanterns, paper and bamboo fans as decor and wedding favors for your guests to take home. Practical gifts for them to remember your wedding by.

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